10 Bizarrely Precarious Planking Positions


It certainly seems to be no coincidence that the words ‘plank’ and ‘prank’ are separated by only one letter! A person lying stiff as a wooden board in the most absurd – and precarious – of locations definitely looks like a prank to us. But planking is more than just a joke; it’s a lifestyle, as the following images show! Without further ado, then, here’s our list of the 15 most bizarre and precarious planking stunts we could find.



This cool planking stunt gets points for creativity as well as visual effect. The street lamp becomes a planking object and illuminates the awesome stunt at the same time. Sweet!



Never ever – we repeat: never ever – attempt to plank your body in a place where there’s a possibility of much more than just your ego being bruised – and maybe your elbows and knees getting scraped! To date, one person has died because of planking: the man fell to his death from a seventh floor balcony in Brisbane, Australia. Unless there’s a ledge that we can’t see, the man in this stunt is performing way too dangerous a plank. Though he might look comfortable, this is definitely much too high. Quickly, on to the next one.



The classical-looking column in Alicante’s harbor seems to have just been waiting for someone to climb and plank it. As photographer Peter Morgan calls it, a true “Aliplankte” moment. Very ingenious and precarious. Can’t beat that scenic nighttime backdrop either.



This hardcore plank nicely shows an added dimension of difficulty: planking only the upper body while leaving the legs and feet suspended. Try it if you don’t believe how difficult it is! This adventurous planker sure found a great spot in St. Petersburg to demonstrate his skill. We’re just surprised that no crowd gathered for a better look.



Scenic locations certainly seem to invite planking. This image was taken in Flachau, part of Austria’s Salzburgerland. For the uninitiated, rather than being a sport, planking is a game that involves a person lying face down in an unusual location with their hands touching the sides of the body, thus imitating a plank. An essential part of the game is having one’s photograph taken so that the experience can be shared with fellow plankers, all of whom compete to be snapped in the weirdest locations.



The great thing about planking is that anyone can do it, any time. It doesn’t require expensive equipment, gathering a team together or a specific location. Your local street, home or office will do nicely, and no one’s too old or too young. In our age of cell phones, we don’t know what’s more unusual about this image – the person’s position or the fact that they found a phone booth for their plank. Phone booths aren’t so common these days for sure – but this funky green-colored one has been memorialized by planking!



As this image proves, plankers are always ready to engage in their activity, even when playing something else. This bowler took one look at the bowling ball return and thought, ‘Hey, that’s great for planking!’ Note the added difficulty of the suspended head, torso, legs and feet! Add the disco lights and you’ve got one hell of a planking location. Strike!



It is a well-known fact that the Dutch are a nation obsessed with cycling. Couple this national obsession with the planking craze and this is one of the results: planking on top of a bike stand, as demonstrated by this young resident of the city of Arnhem. Also on show is another variation of the game, with two resting points for the body – here the shoulders and knees – and the rest suspended. Cool!



The urge to plank is really unpredictable and can strike at any time. This young planker, for example, looks to have been casually waiting for a bus when he took a closer look at the bus stop und realized what a great planking opportunity was on offer! Up he went, planking in broad daylight. Notice his poise, with the head and upper body slightly raised for added difficulty. Good stuff!



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