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Incredible Pictures of Owls with Freshly Caught Prey

Snowy owl with prey
They are an ancient group of birds, with fossils of some living varieties dating back over 20 million years. A species does not survive that long without being efficient at finding food – in this case prey – and owls are indeed exceptional hunters and top carnivores.
Owls’ appetite for rodents, in particular, has helped maintain a natural balance in the ecosystem, and in many cases it has made them friends to farmers. Here, we’re going to take a look at these incredible creatures, while delving into some facts about their predatory habits.
Previously, we’ve shown you adorable pictures of baby owls. Now it’s time to explore a rather less cute side to these birds – through photographs of them with freshly caught kills. Read the rest of this entry

The Awesome Graffiti of Belgium’s Doomed Ghost Town

Beaver graffiti in Doel
It’s eerie feeling: walking down the streets of a modern town where no one – or almost no one – lives. The roads are still usable, many of the houses look habitable, yet there is barely a car to be seen, certainly not moving, and the rooms behind the windows are all but empty. This is the abandoned village of Doel, in Belgium, a place one recent visitor described as “the most spooky place I have ever been; real shiver down the spine stuff.” Read the rest of this entry

Is Coal an Attractive Option?


The Lady of the North

Nudity in art has a long history, from ancient Greek and Roman statues to 20th-century Art Deco sculptures. Yet appreciation for the nude form depends on individual tastes. Princess Anne showed her approval for Great Britain’s largest nude artwork by agreeing to unveil Northumberlandia to the public. Part of a 46-acre park, the masterpiece is a dynamic landscape in the shape of a giant nude lady. Read the rest of this entry

10 Worst High-Rise Building Collapses in History

The 10 Worst High-Rise Building Collapses in History

Read the rest of this entry